Certificate ISO 9001:2015


The objectives of our quality policy are to fulfill the demands of our customers and to improve their satisfaction. This requires creative and professional behavior from every associate of our company, so we can fulfill our customers’ expectations with minimum cost.

As a prerequisite to that, the management of Vacuum El System will be reviewing the quality policy as an integral part of the company’s philosophy.

The principles of the quality policy, given below, and which the company undertakes to respect, constitute the goal and basis of our work in all of the company's divisions.

  •  Quality means fulfilling our customers’ requirements

 We consider it our duty to fulfill our customers’ requirements in terms of product quality and delivery deadlines.

  •  Quality means constant improvement

 We consider the constant improvement of the quality of our operations for the benefit of our customers one of our main goals.

  • Quality means successful future for the company

Based on constant market monitoring and intensive contacts with our customers we develop and produce quality products. This is of crucial importance for the image of our company and ensures our workplaces.

  •  Quality means economic success for our customers

Our products enhance the quality of services provided by our customers and reduce the costs.

  •  Quality means improvement of turnover and reduction of costs

We believe the key to improvement of our turnover is to meet our customers’ requirements. The appropriately targeted planning and quality assurance guarantee feasible production with minimum loss.

  •  Quality means the management to set an example with its behavior

Our managers have as their task and responsibility to set personal example and to improve the responsibility for quality of all our associates.

  •  Quality is the creative cooperation of all associates

We include our associates as partners in implementing the quality policy. They are trained comprehensively, in order to cooperate actively through their competence and sense of responsibility regarding the quality of our products and the constant improvement of our production.

  •  Quality means continuous product supervision

By means of continuouscontrol pre-, during and post-production, as well as regular control of the production facilities, we guarantee the quality of our products and compliance with legal provisions.

  •  Quality means damage prevention

We abide by national and international laws as well as technical regulations and thus we guarantee the safety of the products and labor not only in our company, but for our customers as well.

  • The management of Vacuum El System is aware that quality products and services may only be provided by satisfied associates

The management of the company shall guarantee the interests of its associates with:

Adequate pay for achieved performance;

  • Opportunity to improve qualifications;
  • Healthy working environment;
  • Friendly setting in the company;
  • Social and health insurance.
  • Quality means responsible attitude towards our environment

We uphold our ecological responsibility to the environment. Our goal is to avoid or minimize environmental pollution.

For implementation of the quality policy the management has introduced a quality management system, which it constantly maintains and improves, and which is in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2015; it is described in the present quality management manual.

The quality management manual is a mandatory document for all associates of the “Vacuum El System” company – Yambol.



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